Baeren GmbH is registrated in the nationwide pre-qualification register PQ-VOL

Baeren GmbH International Exhibition Services got an certificate that attests it to be registrated in the nationwide pre-qualification register PQ-VOL. The PQ-VOL database is used by contracting authorities nationwide. In the pre-qualification database for supplies and services you can find companies that have proved their suitability for public contracts. Now we can present a certificate instead of many single proofs that covers the most frequently requested proofs. We are registrated in the PQ-VOL for the below performed areas:

- various furniture and facilities;

- various furniture;

- furniture for conference rooms;

- exhibition facilities;

- exhibition stands;

- store furniture;

- draught and creation, cost estimate;

- interior equipment services;

- interior decorator’s services;

- draught support services;

- furniture design;

- event organisation.